Hospitality Compliance Training Package

Online Compliance Essentials


Our Hospitality Compliance Training Package has been specifically created for the Australian hospitality market.

This suite of online short courses includes Work Health Safety, Workplace Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination, Food Safety & Hygiene and Manual Handling.

Our Online Compliance Essential Series is ideal for reminding staff of their legal obligations and on-boarding new team members.

Save time and money
Reduce staff time away from the workplace, eliminate the need for travel and remove the need for onsite training

Streamline onboarding
Make your organisation's onboarding process more consistent and efficient across dispersed hiring locations.

Expert training
Created by industry experts - practically focused courses that have real-world impact.

Comply with legislation
Track completion and ensure you staff are up to date on compliance and legislation


Workplace Bullying

Bullying is a nuanced and complicated subject and it can have some terrible consequences for the wellbeing of your staff and your business. We’ve built a course that doesn’t force feed facts to your staff, it forces them to think critically about how they should act in real life situations and what to do if they’ve come across bullying.

Duration: Self-paced. 20 minutes | Format: SCORM

Harassment & Discrimination

Harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination cost businesses millions of dollars each year, and an even bigger personal cost is paid by the victims. This course builds empathy to avoid unpleasant incidents in the workplace by placing learners in thought provoking scenarios based on actual legal cases.

Duration: Self-paced - 20 minutes | Format: SCORM

Food Safety and Hygiene

In Australia, failure to comply with food safety laws and legislation can result in heavy fines, loss of licences and even prosecution.

This online course uses real life scenarios and thought provoking challenges to educate staff about the importance of food safety and the consequences of their actions if standards are not upheld.

Topics in this course include:

  • Storing, reheating & defrosting food
  • Handling, preparing & serving food
  • Personal hygiene
  • Waste & garbage management
  • Cleaning & sterilising

Allara Learning interactive courses

With traditional eLearning you get lots and lots of information. Maybe a few interactive activities. Then there are a bunch of questions at the end. This type of eLearning is essentially replicating the teaching process.

Our courses aim to replicate the learning process. This process helps create more engaging and effective courses - not just a pass mark. Learners are put into an interactive environment where they can:

  • experiment
  • find information
  • make decisions
  • think critically
  • get feedback as they move along

Duration: Self-paced. 30-40 minutes | Format: SCORM

Work Health Safety

Every year in Australia, workplace accidents result in over 500 deaths and 600,000 compensatable injuries. Workplace accidents, injuries and sickness cause personal pain and suffering, financial loss to employees and organisational costs. This online training course supplies learners with the knowledge and skills required to apply solid WHS practices within their organisation.

Topics covered:

  • WHS legislation and framework
  • WHS policies and procedures
  • Hazards and risks
  • Employer and employee responsibilities and duty of care
  • PPE
  • Correct manual handling
  • Emergency evacuation procedures

Duration: Self-paced - 20 minutes | Format: SCORM

Manual Handling

One in three workplace injuries in Australia are caused by poor manual handling practices, with inexperienced workers posing the greatest risk. These injuries can have a major impact on businesses and employees, causing personal pain and suffering, financial loss to employees and organisational costs. A practical understanding of how to identify and assess risks and correctly handle objects is crucial to preventing manual handling related injuries in the workplace.

This interactive course provides learners with the skills and knowledge required to apply effective and safe manual handling practices within their organisation.

This course covers:

  • Hazards and risks (identification, assessment and elimination)
  • Correct manual handling (Covering correct techniques, postures and use of equipment)
  • Manual Handling compliance
  • Risk assessment and risk control documentation
  • Employer and employee responsibilities and duty of care
  • Safe work practices

Duration: Self-paced - 20 minutes | Format: SCORM

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