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Manage Conflict

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This course provides the skills and knowledge required to resolve complex or escalated complaints and disputes with internal and external customers and colleagues. This course teaches effective conflict resolution techniques and communication skills to manage conflict and develop solutions.


Qualification Manage Conflict
Recognition Professional Certificate
Duration 4 hours
Study mode On-site

Course plan

  • Identify potential for conflict and take swift and tactful action to prevent escalation
  • Identify situations where personal safety of customers or colleagues may be threatened and organise appropriate assistance
  • Identify and use resources to assist in managing conflict

  • Take responsibility for finding a solution to conflict
  • Establish and agree on the nature and details of conflict
  • with all parties and assess impact
  • Deal with conflict sensitively, courteously and discreetly
  • Minimise impact on other colleagues and customers
  • Use effective conflict resolution techniques and communication skills to
  • manage the conflict and develop solutions
  • Encourage all points of view, acknowledge them and treat them with respect
  • Identify and evaluate the impact of conflict on business reputation and legal liability.
  • Evaluate options to resolve the dispute taking into account any organisational policies and constraints.
  • Implement the best solution and complete required documentation.

  • Communicate with the parties involved to seek and provide feedback on conflict and its resolution
  • Evaluate and reflect on the situation and effectiveness of the solution
  • Determine possible causes of workplace conflict and provide input for workplace enhancement and improvements

What are the course requirements?

What you'll need.

English Language

In order to successfully enrol in this course, you must have a level of proficiency in written English, allowing you to engage in the course materials and content and ensuring you can undertake the variety of assessments.

What resources do I need?

Participants will be provided with handouts on each discussed topic for further reading and research. Handouts will be written in ‘plain & simple’ language. The course is designed to test the participants with a final test requiring minimum pass marks.

How is the course delivered?

Training will be conducted at the client’s premises. A minimum of 20 participants per course. Course can be conducted at a time/date suitable for the client to address rostering requirements.


The following industries relate to this qualification.

This sector covers the provision of accommodation for visitors in hotels, motels, units and caravan parks.

This sector covers a range of social support services, including children's and youth services, aged care assistance, disability services and counselling. For qualifications relating to specific aspects of community services, use the headings Advice and Counselling, Aged Care and Disability, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Child Protection, Children's Services, Community Services Management, Employment Services, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health, Social Housing, Volunteers, or Youth Work.

This sector covers the provision of food and beverages to customers. It also includes attendant services in gambling facilities. For qualifications relating to the accommodation aspects of the hospitality industry, use the heading Accommodation.

This sector covers the employment of people, the development of resources, and the utilisation of their services.

This sector covers the management of a small retail outlet, or a section or department within a larger retail store.

This sector covers the display and sale of new or used goods to consumers for personal or household consumption. For qualifications relating to specific aspects of retail, use the headings Community Pharmacy, Retail Management, or Wholesale Operations.

This sector covers the provision of personal care services. For qualifications relating to this sector, use the headings Beauty, Floristry, Hairdressing, Funeral Services, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Retail Services, Hospitality, or Tourism.

Employer incentives

Your investment in skilling your staff through training may also bring with it a number of State and Australian Government financial incentives.

Financial incentives you may be eligible for include:

  • Australian Government standard Commencement and Completion Incentives ranging from $750
    to over $4,000
  • Training award pay rates (if required)
  • Exemption or rebates from payroll tax (where applicable)
  • Exemption of apprentice’s wages from workers compensation premium calculations (NSW apprentices)
  • Extra incentives to assist in the employment of under-represented groups such as
  • Apprentices or trainees with a disability, mature age, school-based and Indigenous
  • A number of extra incentives which are available for certain areas or qualifications

Note Incentives are dependent on meeting eligibility criteria.

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Manage Conflict