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Mal’s Story

Posted on September 3, 2019

Malcolm Meiers, a chef, R U OK? Ambassador and founder of Food for Thought shares why he supports the R U OK? Hospitality campaign:

“I have suffered from mental health issues myself and I’ve known others in similar situations. I like that this campaign gives us a simple framework to reach out to people in our work family who might be dealing with those things or going through a tough time.

“In hospitality we see the effects of high pressure working environments and a just-deal-with-it attitude - the prevailing thinking is that you pretty much just get on with it. That can often lead to people suffering in silence. Yet we work long hours and spend a lot of time with our work family which means they’re well placed to see the signs things aren’t going well. That’s why as an industry we need to encourage these conversations, promote the fact there is help available and show it’s OK to talk about our struggles.”

R U OK? in Hospitality Campaign Kit
Use the R U OK? in Hospitality Campaign Kit to promote a culture which encourages your staff to look out for one another and offer their support whenever it’s needed.

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Free R U OK? online course
R U OK? and Allara Learning teamed up to develop a new online short course. The interactive course is designed to help hospitality workers identify the signs of someone who may be struggling, determine the right time and place to ask the question and navigate a conversation if someone responds ‘No, I’m not ok’.

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