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Case Study: DOOLEYS

DOOLEYS Club improves employee engagement and retention through leadership development program



Local club DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club wanted to enhance the leadership skills of their managers and supervisors, to foster a positive workplace culture and boost employee engagement across all levels of the organisation.

The club also sought to improve employee retention through providing development and growth opportunities to support employees’ career progression through the business.

Key Challenges:

  • Develop a customised training program that provided employees across various departments with relevant, transferable skills
  • Deliver a program that catered to employees’ differing levels of leadership and management experience
  • Integrate training content seamlessly with DOOLEYS existing Academy Pathways employee development program


In collaboration with DOOLEYS, Allara Learning developed a customised training program that would allow employees from various departments and levels of management to enhance their leadership skills to better manage their teams.

In order to provide a pathway for continual career progression and to allow staff at all levels of management to be upskilled, the leadership program delivered two qualifications; BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management.

Course content was designed to be engaging and useful for a range of skill levels, and to provide transferable skills that could be utilised by all roles within the club.

The program was also designed to ensure it would integrate seamlessly with the existing Academy Pathways program.

Training was delivered at the Lidcombe club. Multiple training sessions were run by Allara Learning to allow employees to attend at times convenient to their work schedule.

Training with colleagues from other departments allowed participants to develop their team building and communication skills, as well as form stronger personal and working relationships with their co-workers. This was a vital factor in improving workplace culture and employee engagement.

Course participant, Saray Tuy, highlights how building these relationships helped lift performance across the business, saying “You come out of the course with a better understanding of other departments and their challenges, which helps you to better support each other to accomplish what you’re trying to achieve in your roles.”

Content was delivered through a mix of classroom-based and workplace activities, before participants undertook a final project, in which they identified an opportunity for improvement and formed a strategic plan to implement it within the business.

The project gave participants a chance to apply the skills they developed through the program, while also helping DOOLEYS continually implement new ideas to improve the customer experience and increase organisational efficiency.

Group discussion was also a core aspect of the course delivery, making the course engaging and providing participants with the opportunity to share their ideas and experience with one another.

Group Functions Manager, John Jansen, highlights how this approach was of great benefit, saying “The style of delivery is fabulous. It’s not mundane classroom style training. It’s very interactive, it was fun, and it wasn’t repetitive. It made me want to go to the courses, not just view it as something I have to do.”

John also noted how this format facilitated the transfer of skills between departments to lift the quality of leadership across the business.

“These leadership courses create consistency and lift the standards across the business. It definitely has helped in transferring skills from one area to other parts of the business. We all work in the same business, but everyone’s got different ideas and skills that can be useful for approaching things in a better way.”

“These leadership courses are absolutely invaluable. Every day is a learning experience…the best part about it is you walk away feeling like you’re on a bit of a high because you’ve learnt something new. The training that Allara Learning has provided has been absolutely fantastic. ”

John Jansen John Jansen , Group Functions Manager


  • DOOLEYS successfully upskilled their team, enhancing employees’ leadership skills across the company, and providing opportunities for employees to progress into more senior leadership positions
  • Employee engagement increased across the organisation, as communication improved within and between teams, fostering a more positive workplace culture
  • Employee retention improved as staff became more engaged due to a healthier workplace culture and greater opportunities for career progression
  • The program had an 86% average completion rate: BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management - 94%; BSB51918 Diploma in Leadership and Management - 78%
  • The program has delivered over 60 qualifications, with an additional 32 currently in progress
  • DOOLEYS have committed to continuing the leadership program with Allara Learning
  • DOOLEYS were a finalist for ‘Large Employer of the Year’ at the 2019 NSW Training Awards for their learning and development initiatives
  • Course participant Kristian Blazevski was named a finalist for ‘Trainee of the Year for Western & South West Sydney’ after undertaking both qualifications through the program

“You come out of the course with a better understanding of other departments and their challenges, which helps you to better support each other to accomplish what you’re trying to achieve in your roles.”

Saray Tuy Saray Tuy , Events Operations Manager


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DOOLEYS is an industry leading destination for leisure, dining, entertainment and function facilities, offering three exceptional venues across central western Sydney.

DOOLEYS is a social club that welcomes all members of the community. They strive to deliver the highest quality and best value food, service and entertainment facilities at all times.