Back of House Video Training Package

Video Training Package


Our Back of House Video Training Package has been specifically created for the Australian hospitality market.

This suite of micro training videos includes:

  • How To Change a Beer Keg
  • Correct Lifting Procedure
  • Receiving Food Safely
  • How to Change a Slim Jim
  • General CO2 Safety
  • Handling Hazardous Chemicals.

Videos in series

Training Video - How To Change a Beer Keg

This bite-size training video demonstrates how to tap a Tooheys beer keg.

The step-by-step video includes how to check the FOB, take the keg coupling off the keg, tap a new keg and reset the FOB.

The video also highlights important Dos and Don’ts during the process and tips for manual handling when dealing with kegs.

Duration: 2:05 mins | Format: Video

Training Video - Correct Lifting Procedure

Poor manual handling practice is one of the most common causes of injury to staff in the workplace.

This bite-size training video shows learners how to prepare themselves before lifting, demonstrates correct lifting techniques for individuals and teams and highlights the incorrect techniques and common injuries caused by poor manual handling when lifting.

Duration: 1:51 mins | Format: Video

Training Video - Receiving Food Safely

This bite-size training video demonstrates practicable measures to ensure that learners do not receive unsafe or unsuitable food. This includes making sure that the food they receive:

  1. is protected from contamination;
  2. can be identified while it is on the premises; and
  3. is at the correct temperature when it arrives, if it is potentially hazardous.

The video also includes important Dos and Don’ts when receiving food deliveries.

Duration: 2:06 mins | Format: Video

Training Video - How to Change a Slim Jim

A large number of injuries occur in the hospitality industry every year when staff empty bins and change bin liners. These injuries occur as a result of poor manual handling techniques and cuts from concealed sharp objects.

This bite-size training video will teach your staff how to change a Slim Jim safely and prevent themselves from being injured.

Duration: 1:51 mins | Format: Video

Training Video - General CO2 Safety

Often referred to as the ‘silent killer’, Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a colourless, odourless, asphyxiant gas. If leaking gas displaces the oxygen in the air, a person entering the environment can be overcome without warning and suffocate in only a few minutes.

This bite-size training video warns learners about the potential hazards of CO2, teaches them what to do if CO2 monitors alarm and provides important safety Dos and Don’ts in the event of an emergency.

Duration: 2:03 mins | Format: Video

Training Video - Handling Hazardous Chemicals

This bite-size training video provides learners with general safety for handling hazardous chemicals.

The video includes information about Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and dealing with and reporting workplace accidents.

The video also highlights important dos and don’ts for handling hazardous chemicals.

Duration: 1:25 mins | Format: Video

Series information

As leading hospitality training experts, we have partnered with premier hospitality group Merivale to develop a suite of micro training videos.

Our micro training videos combine Allara Learning's training expertise with the knowledge and experience of some of Merivale's most talented individuals.

Filmed on location in Merivale venues, each bite-sized training video shows staff best practice techniques and highlights how to avoid common injuries in the workplace.

These high quality, engaging videos are perfectly suited to employees who have become accustomed to getting short bursts of information from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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