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Manual Handling - New online course

Posted on May 2, 2016

Manual Handling - New online course

One in three workplace injuries in Australia are caused by poor manual handling practices, with inexperienced workers posing the greatest risk. These injuries can have a major impact on businesses and employees, causing personal pain and suffering, financial loss to employees and organisational costs.

A practical understanding of how to identify and assess risks and correctly handle objects is crucial to preventing manual handling related injuries in the workplace.

Allara Learning are pleased to announce the release of their new interactive online short course Manual Handling. The course provides learners with the skills and knowledge required to apply effective and safe manual handling practices within their organisation.

The new Manual Handling course covers:

  • Hazards and risks (identification, assessment and elimination)
  • Correct manual handling (Covering correct techniques, postures and use of equipment)
  • Manual Handling compliance
  • Risk assessment and risk control documentation
  • Employer and employee responsibilities and duty of care
  • Safe work practices

The course in part of Allara Learning’s growing suite of interactive and engaging online short courses.


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