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Course name Code
Harassment & Discrimination (Online) ASC109
Training Video - How To Change a Beer Keg (Online) ATV030
Training Video - Table Service Essentials (Online)
Food Safety and Hygiene (Online) ASC104
Food Allergy Awareness for Front-of-house Staff (Online) ASC181
Work Health Safety (Online) ASC101
Workplace Bullying (Online) ASC108
Manual Handling (Online) ASC150
Diversity in the Workplace (Online) ASC182
R U OK? (Online)
Manage Conflict
Essential Compliance Training Package (Online) AES-030
Diploma of Business BSB50215
Certificate III in Business Administration BSB30415
Certificate IV in Business Sales BSB40615
Certificate IV in Business Administration BSB40515
Certificate III in Business BSB30115
Certificate IV in Business BSB40215
Certificate III in Customer Engagement BSB30215
Certificate IV in Customer Engagement BSB40315
Privacy in the Workplace (Online) ASC107
Triple Diploma; Leadership and management, Human resources management and Business BSB50215, BSB50618 and BSB51918
Training Video - Tray Service (Online)
Food Safety Supervisor (NSW) SITXFSA001, SITXFSA002
Training Video - How to Change a Slim Jim (Online) ATV010
Training Video - Forklift Daily Safety Check (Online) ATV040
Training Video - Using Cardboard Compactors & Glass Crushers (Online) ATV050
Training Video - General CO2 Safety (Online) ATV060
Training Video - Handling Hazardous Chemicals (Online) ATV070
Training Video - Receiving Food Safely (Online) ATV080
Back of House Video Training Package (Online) VTP-010
Training Video - Opening and Pouring Champagne (Online)
Bartender Essentials Video Series (Online)
Training Video - Pouring Mixed Drinks - Gin & Tonic (Online)
Training Video - Bar Set Up (Online)
Training Video - Open and Decant Red Wine (Online)
Training Video - Polishing Wine and Champagne Glasses (Online)
Training Video - Open & Pour Wine (Online)
Training Video - How to Pour a Beer (Online)
Training Video - Serving Water (Online)
Training Video - Clearing Tables (Online)
Training Video - Dealing With Intoxicated Guests (Online)
Training Video - Setting Up A Dining Room (Online)
Training Video - Plate Carrying & Delivering Meals (Online)
Training Video - Setting Up A Table (Online)
Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) NSW SITHFAB002
Provide Responsible Gambling Services (RCG) NSW SITHGAM001
RCG Recap NSW (Online) ASC106
RSA Recap NSW (Online) ASC102
RSA Recap WA (Online) ASC120
RSA Recap QLD (Online) ASC120
RSA Recap VIC (Online) ASC140
RSA Recap ACT (Online) ASC170
Pubs & Bars Compliance Training Package (Online) AES-020
Hospitality Compliance Training Package (Online) AES-020
Food Storage and Transport (Online) ASC180
Diploma of Hospitality Management SIT50416
Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20316
Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30616
Certificate IV in Hospitality SIT40416
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery SIT30816
Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery SIT40516
Training Video - Correct Lifting Procedure (Online) ATV020
Armed Robbery Awareness (Online) ASC103
Customer Service 101 (Online) ASC160
Diploma of Human Resources Management BSB50618
Certificate IV in Human Resources BSB41015
Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB51918
Certificate IV in Leadership and Management BSB42015
Retail Compliance Training Package (Online) AES-050
Certificate II in Retail Services SIR20216
Certificate III in Retail SIR30216
Certificate IV in Retail Management SIR40316