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Valu Toloa

Allara Learning student Valu Toloa becomes hospitality hero at Rashays Belconnen

“I look forward to work… Every day when I come to work I feel pumped… I haven’t worked for four years so this is a great opportunity for me to prove myself and show what I’m made of.”

Valu Toloa, Student


Case study: Rashays

Case study: Rashays

Rashays seeks job ready staff for the opening of its new restaurant in ACT


The origins of quick, casual dining date back to the late 1990s when Rashays took the value component and combined it with a fun, vibrant atmosphere and fresh to order quality meals.

Rashays currently have 20 locations serving over 50,000 customers per week who have grown to love their unique concept.

Rashays takes pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction and endeavour to make everyone’s meal a fun, memorable occasion.