Swan Valley Anglican Community School

Swan Valley Anglican Community School students get a head start on their hospitality careers


The Swan Valley Anglican Community School provides quality education while upholding its core value: to nurture each student, enabling them to develop their potential within a safe, caring and inclusive community.

The school is situated in the beautiful Swan Valley in Perth, Western Australia.


The Swan Valley Anglican Community School wanted to prepare its students for a successful future by offering a school-based traineeship that would provide them with employability skills and an insight into the hospitality industry as a potential career path.

School-based traineeships allow high school students to get a head start on their careers by studying for a nationally recognised qualification and undertaking paid work experience while completing secondary schooling.

This training is subsidised by the WA Government under Future Skills WA.

The school sought a training provider that would not only deliver high quality training, but also develop a customised program to support its community events and make use of its hospitality facilities.

Key challenges included:

  • Preparing students for future employment through active engagement in real working environments.
  • Delivering training that educates, engages, and inspires students.
  • Customizing training to utilize the school's existing facilities and support community events.
  • Engaging and supporting the school's staff throughout the program.

In collaboration with Swan Valley Anglican Community School, Allara Learning developed a tailored training program designed to meet the school's specific needs. Professional trainers from Allara Learning delivered a blend of classroom-based and hands-on instruction to the students. The program encompassed:

  • Classroom instruction covering the fundamentals of hospitality.
  • Practical training in the school's commercial kitchen, guided by a professional chef.
  • Engagement in different stations within the kitchen, where students acquired various skills, including pasta-making, safe work practices, and customer service.
  • Employment opportunities for students in the School Café, participating in a range of functions coordinated by Allara Learning, from sit-down dinners to buffets and finger food events.

Anthony Cardillo, the school's hospitality teacher, noted that the approach of students working in groups during theory and practical lessons had significantly improved engagement.

Furthermore, throughout the program, Allara Learning provided continuous support to the school's staff. Cardillo added, “Allara’s support for our students is equally reflected in its support for our staff, with resources and teaching materials available in advance, addressing each competency. This has ensured that our staff have felt supported in their preparation for the delivery of the courses”.

On successful completion of the traineeship, students received a nationally recognised SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality, which paved the way for further studies in a SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality.

Students are gaining a number of benefits, such as obtaining practical experience from work, gaining familiarity with how a commercial kitchen operates, developing employability skills and developing and improving interpersonal skills.

The outcomes of this tailored training program included:

  • High praise from the school's Principal and staff, describing the program as fantastic and engaging.
  • Effective utilisation of the school's hospitality facilities and support for community events.
  • Development of valuable employability skills in students through real working experiences, enhancing their readiness for future employment.
  • Exposure for students to potential careers in hospitality.
  • Attainment of a nationally recognised qualification upon successful completion.
  • Commitment from Swan Valley Anglican Community School to continue the program, benefiting both students and the broader school community.

Jason Bartell, Principal of Swan Valley Anglican Community School, expressed excitement about the school's partnership with Allara Learning, highlighting its positive impact on students and the community's development:

“Our school community is very excited to be involved with Allara in support of its students… We are also excited to see where our journey with Allara takes us in the education of our students and the further development of our community.”

Key Takeaway:
Through collaboration with Allara Learning, Swan Valley Anglican Community School successfully implemented a tailored hospitality training program that not only engaged and inspired students but also provided them with valuable skills and qualifications for future employment in the hospitality industry. This initiative received praise from school staff and is set to continue benefiting the school community.