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Certificate III in Hospitality

(Bar and Beverage)

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Raise the bar on your hospitality career and dive into the world of craft cocktails, mixology mastery, and intimate social settings. 

The Certificate III in Hospitality (Bar and Beverage) is your gateway to mastering the art of bartending and beverage service providing the foundations to excel in the unique ambiance of cocktail and small bars.

Cocktail and small bars are more than just venues; they're hubs of creativity and social connection. This specialised program immerses you in the fascinating realm of mixology, where you'll learn to craft exquisite cocktails, curate impressive drink menus, and provide patrons with memorable experiences. 

From classic cocktails to innovative creations, you'll gain hands-on experience in crafting libations that tantalise the senses. Learn about the history and culture of cocktails, explore the nuances of different spirits, and perfect the techniques that set mixologists apart. Discover the secrets to creating signature drinks that keep customers coming back for more.

Who is this course for?

This program is tailor-made for new employees of the hospitality industry who aspire to become a master mixologist or small bar expert.

It's an ideal course for those who recognise the immense potential for career advancement in the hospitality industry.

Course plan

Hospitality Fundamentals aims to equip you with the skills necessary to deliver exceptional customer service whilst ensuring a safe, efficient, and welcoming environment for all.

You will not only develop the ability to understand and address customer needs, handle complaints, and manage difficult situations with a positive approach while applying cultural sensitivity, you will also dive into and discover principles food safety, hygiene practices, hazard identification, risk management strategies, and workplace health and safety procedures to minimise the risk of foodborne illnesses or workplace accidents.

Units of competency addressed:

Responsible services covers the skills and knowledge required to responsibly sell, serve or supply alcohol and provide the service of gambling within a hospitality establishment.

Responsible service of alcohol practices must be undertaken wherever alcohol is sold, served or supplied, including where alcohol samples are served during on-site product tastings. This unit therefore applies to any workplace where alcohol is sold, served or supplied, including all types of hospitality venues, packaged liquor outlets and wineries, breweries and distilleries.

Responsible gambling services must be provided wherever gambling activities are undertaken. In the hospitality industry, the gambling environment is usually referred to as the gaming area and is provided in a range of venues, such as hotels, motels, clubs, pubs and casinos. This covers the major forms of gambling are wagering (racing and sport) and gaming (gaming machines, table games, Keno and lotteries). Both forms of gambling are relevant to the hospitality industry.

Units of competency addressed:

“Bar and Beverage” is designed to equip you with essential skills in creating exquisite cocktails while delivering unparalleled customer service within the hospitality sector. This comprehensive module covers a diverse range of skills vital for success in the vibrant world of bartending and beverage provision.

Immerse yourself in the art of exceptional customer interactions and embark on a journey into the world of mixology, where creativity knows no bounds. Explore the intricacies of crafting both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, each designed to delight palates and leave a lasting impression.

Units of competency addressed:

Coach others focusses on the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to provide on-the-job coaching to colleagues. It requires the ability to explain and demonstrate specific skills, knowledge and procedures and monitor the progress of colleagues until they are able to operate independently of the coach.

Units of competency addressed:

Learn how to conduct basic research on current and emerging information for the hospitality industry and share or present this information to your work team to enhance the quality of work performance.

Units of competency addressed:

Learn and develop the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in a hospitality environment and provide service to customers during both peak and non-peak service periods.


Units of competency addressed:

Learning outcomes

The SIT30622 Certificate III in Hospitality (Bar and Beverage) course aims to provide participants with a wide range of hospitality and customer service skills along with general employability skills, including:

  • Work health and safety management practices and procedures
  • Quality customer service delivery, product knowledge and complaint handling procedures
  • Workplace communication and team work principles
  • Responsible services of alcohol and gambling
  • Food safety management and practices and procedures
  • Research and information sharing
  • Work task prioritisation and integrated hospitality service skills

National recognition

Upon successful completion of the training and assessment, you will receive the SIT30622 Certificate III in Hospitality qualification. This qualification holds national recognition and is valued by industry and educational institutions, both in Australia and globally.

Meet our team

Comron Mubarakai
Comron Mubarakai
State Operations Manager - QLD


Elizabeth Blyth
Elizabeth Blyth
Training Facilitator - Hospitality


Gretta Anderson
Gretta Anderson
Training Facilitator - Hospitality


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Frequently Asked Questions

This course has a standard fee of $3,000. Contact our client relations team to discuss available payment options.

You may be able to access government subsidises to support the costs of training. If accessing subsidies for training a co-contribution fee may apply.

Please select your state or territory from the options below to view the co-contribution fees for subsidised training:

This course is a work-based course. This means you will complete the development of knowledge and skills through on-the-job learning and complete assessments within your workplace. 

An Allara Learning training facilitator will conduct workplace visits on an agreed schedule to conduct training and assessment. You will be required to complete a series of assessment tasks in between each workplace visit. The training facilitator will work closely with your workplace supervisor to support the application of skills and knowledge into workplace tasks.

Through Allara Learning’s Student Portal you will be able to:

  • Access your learning materials and assessments
  • Undertake and complete assessments
  • Contact your trainers and assessors
  • Receive feedback on your assessment outcomes

The duration for the course is 12 months. To complete the course in this timeframe, you will need to attend each of the scheduled workshops and complete the on-the-job learning tasks. 

The time taken to complete your course will depend on your level of already attained skills and knowledge.

Education entry requirements
There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.

Subsidised training requirements
Some states and territories have specified entry requirements for participants accessing subsidised training.

To identify the specific entry requirements for your state or territory and determine if subsidised training is available, please contact Allara Learning on 1300 772 724.

English language requirements
In order to successfully enrol in this course, you must have a level of proficiency in written English, allowing you to engage in the course materials and content, and ensuring you can undertake the variety of assessments.

Physical requirements
No physical requirements apply to this course.

This course has a standard fee of $3,000.

You may be able to access government subsidises to support the costs of training. If accessing subsidies for training a co-contribution fee may apply.

Click on your state or territory below to see the co-contribution fees for subsidised training:

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Government subsidised training may available through traineeships and apprenticeships in:

  • ACT
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  • QLD

Contact our client relations team to see if you qualify for government funded support.

You may complete payment of your course fees via a payment plan.

Yes, this is a work-based course and employment is essential for you to complete the required learning and assessment tasks.

Yes, this course is eligible for a traineeship pathway. 

Contact our client relations team for more details.

To access learning and assessment materials, you will need to have access to a computer or tablet with internet access.

Your computer will need to have an appropriate suite of office software such as Microsoft office, G Suite or equivalent installed.

If you do not have access to a suitable computer or digital device, the training facilitator will provide you with print based assessment materials.

Yes, this course leads to a nationally recognised qualification.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a nationally recognised qualification, SIT30622 Certificate III in Hospitality.

Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO ID 91054 is responsible for the quality of the training and assessment in compliance with the Standards for RTOs, 2015 and for the issuance of the AQF certification documentation.

Whilst undertaking training with Allara Learning, you will be provided access to a range of support services including:

  • Academic and learning support
  • Language, literacy and numeracy support
  • External support and counselling services
  • Peer networks

For more information please see the Participant Handbook.

We recommend that you read the Participant Handbook prior to enrolling with us.

This course is aids in developing skills and knowledge you will need to operate as a bar tender or cocktail mixologist within a broad variety of hotel, cocktail and small bars.

Completing this course can enhance your career growth potential. 

Yes, skills and qualifications you already have may count towards your qualification.

Contact our client relations team to enquire and/or apply for RPL.