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Leadership Elevated!

(Masterclasses for the executive leader)

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    Classroom delivery
  • time-alarm
    Up to 24 months (16 sessions)
  • round-dollar
    $3,000 per workshop


‘Leadership Elevated’ is a series of masterclasses designed to level-up (elevate) the leadership capabilities of senior and executive leaders within the hospitality services industry.

Workshops are designed to bridge the critical skills gap faced by hospitality business leaders and general managers, providing them with the advanced tools and strategies they need to navigate and excel in their demanding roles. By participating in this series of workshops your people will gain invaluable insights into effective self, people and organisational leadership, team dynamics, and strategic thinking, all tailored specifically to the unique challenges of the hospitality industry. 

Delivered over 16 workshop sessions, with one day per month cadence, our comprehensive training will not only enhance their leadership capabilities but also drive significant improvements in team performance, customer satisfaction, engagement, team's morale and productivity and overall business success.

Who is this course for?

This course caters to individuals who lead with a high-level authority within a company, including those in the senior leadership teams, C-suite executives, and board of directors. 

It's the perfect course for those who hold pre-existing leadership skills, knowledge, experience and education looking to ‘Elevate’ their leadership acumen.


Program structure

Our ‘Leadership Elevated’ program is structured into four parts, each addressing critical aspects of a leader's journey:

  • Part 1: Self-Leadership
  • Part 2: Leading Others
  • Part 3: Strategic Vision Development
  • Part 4: Leading Organizational Change

While the program has a defined structure, we emphasise the importance of an in-depth consultation to gain insight into your business and your people's needs before delivering the program. Based on your goals, we will provide a customised workshop flow. 

Below is an overview of the workshops and some options you might consider.

Course plan

Part 1 of this series, ‘Leading self’ explores the intricacies of what makes you you. Discover the unique array of leadership and communication styles, identify what truly drives and motivates you, and begin crafting your distinctive personal leadership vision and brand.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Leadership

This workshop is will help you uncover the essential attributes and styles of effective leadership and cultivate a deeper self-awareness. You'll gain a clear understanding of various leadership styles, enhance your self-leadership skills, and develop valuable insights through self-reflection journaling.

Workshop 2: Strengths-Based Leadership

Workshop 2 will help you identify and harness your personal strengths and values, aligning them with your leadership role. Unearth your top strengths through the VIA Strengths Survey, align your values with leadership practices, and craft a compelling leadership vision that inspires and motivates your team.

Workshop 3: Feedback and High-Performing Communication Skills

Master the art of giving and receiving feedback to build high-performing teams and enhance your leadership effectiveness and team performance through constructive feedback techniques and understanding external perceptions of your leadership. Learn to provide and accept constructive feedback, gain insights into how others perceive your leadership, and apply these lessons to foster high-performing teams.

Workshop 4: Personal and Leadership Branding

In the final workshop of ‘leading self’ you'll discover how to craft a strong leadership brand and articulate a clear leadership purpose statement. Develop a powerful personal and professional brand that sets you apart as a leader. Enhance your personal branding, define your leadership purpose, and develop a comprehensive plan for your leadership development, ensuring you stand out and lead with confidence.

Applying your new found sense of self, Part 2; Leading others aims to transform and enhance your ability to effectively lead and manage people. Unearth practical strategies for leading people of different generations, tailoring your approach to the needs of your team.

Workshop 5: Building Effective Teams

In workshop 5 you’ll learn the key elements of building and managing highly effective teams and develop an understanding of team dynamics, improve communication, and effectively resolve conflicts within your team. Participate in team-building exercises, assess communication styles, and master conflict resolution techniques, leading to more cohesive and productive teams.

Workshop 6: Strategic Leadership

The strategic leadership workshop aims to equip you with the strategic thinking and decision-making skills necessary for leading organisational change. Develop robust strategic planning skills, utilise decision-making frameworks, and lead change initiatives that align your team’s efforts with your business goals.

Workshop 7: Innovation and Creativity

This workshop will encourage you to adopt innovative thinking and visionary leadership and help foster a culture of innovation and creative problem-solving within your team. Engage in innovation labs and creativity workshops, enhancing your ability to drive innovation and lead with a visionary approach.

Workshop 8: Sustainable Leadership

Discover how to promote sustainable business practices and ethical leadership in your organisation through integrating sustainability and ethics into your own leadership practices. Work on sustainability projects, discuss ethical dilemmas, and develop a long-term vision for responsible and sustainable business growth.

This segment aims to help you and your core leaders realign on your organisation's strategic vision and equip you with a strategic management tool kit. Learn how to navigate the ever changing business landscape through compliance and regulatory frameworks through application of quality risk management practices.

In Part 4; Leading organisational change we seek to help you become a change agent through developing your project management skill set. Master the art of negotiation and persuasion to drive real and significant change.

Learning outcomes

Participating in the Leadership Elevated program provides you and your team with:

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills: Improved decision-making, strategic thinking, and team management.
  • Increased Employee Engagement: Higher motivation, job satisfaction, and retention rates.
  • Better Team Performance: Increased productivity, innovation, and efficiency.
  • Positive Organisational Impact: Stronger culture, better employee relations, and improved business outcomes.
  • Fun, engaging and inspiring workshops: Your people will genuinely enjoy the learning and growth process together
  • Practical tools and techniques for immediate application.
  • Increased wellbeing, self-awareness and career-satisfaction among leaders
  • Improved team dynamics and performance.
  • Strategic insights into leading change and fostering innovation.