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Leadership elevated!

(Masterclasses for the executive leader)

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    Up to 2 years (16 sessions)


‘Leadership elevated!’ is a series of masterclasses designed to level-up (elevate) the leadership capabilities of senior and executive leaders within the hospitality services industry.

The program is specially crafted for C-suite and senior-level leaders, providing them with a transformative journey towards self-discovery and personal growth by identifying their unique strengths, nurturing self-awareness, and cultivating empathetic leadership skills. This process empowers leaders, enhancing engagement with their teams, and refining people management practices. Consequently, leaders can effectively plan business strategies, manage risks, and successfully execute the strategic vision of the organisation.

The program is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1 – Leading self
  • Part 2 – Leading others
  • Part 3 – Leading a strategic vision.
  • Part 4 – Leading organisational change

Who is this course for?

This course caters to individuals who lead with a high-level authority within a company, including those in the senior leadership teams, C-suite executives, and board of directors. 

It's the perfect course for those who hold pre-existing leadership skills, knowledge, experience and education looking to ‘Elevate’ their leadership acumen.

Course plan

Part 1 of this series, Leading self explores the intricacies of what makes you you. Discover the unique array of leadership and communication styles, identify what truly drives and motivates you, and begin crafting your distinctive personal leadership vision and brand.

Units of competency addressed:

Applying your new found sense of self, Part 2; Leading others aims to transform and enhance your ability to effectively lead and manage people. Unearth practical strategies for leading people of different generations, tailoring your approach to the needs of your team.

Units of competency addressed:

This segment aims to help you and your core leaders realign on your organisation's strategic vision and equip you with a strategic management tool kit. Learn how to navigate the ever changing business landscape through compliance and regulatory frameworks through application of quality risk management practices.

Units of competency addressed:

In Part 4; Leading organisational change we seek to help you become a change agent through developing your project management skill set. Master the art of negotiation and persuasion to drive real and significant change.

Units of competency addressed: