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Training Video - General CO2 Safety

Course info
  • Category: Health & Safety, Cellar operations
  • Course duration: 2:03 mins
  • Format: Video
  • Voice over: Australian
  • Provider: Allara Learning


Often referred to as the ‘silent killer’, Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a colourless, odourless, asphyxiant gas. If leaking gas displaces the oxygen in the air, a person entering the environment can be overcome without warning and suffocate in only a few minutes.

This bite-size training video warns learners about the potential hazards of CO2, teaches them what to do if CO2 monitors alarm and provides important safety Do’s and Don’ts in the event of an emergency.

Micro training videos

We teamed up with Merivale - Australia’s premier hospitality group - to produce a library of high-quality practical 'how to' micro training videos for the hospitality industry.

Filmed on location in Merivale venues, each bite-sized training video shows staff best practice techniques as well as important Dos and Don’ts

Our video library combines Allara Learning’s training expertise with the knowledge and experience of some of Merivale’s most talented individuals.

These engaging training videos are perfectly suited to employees who have become accustomed to getting short bursts of information from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

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