RPL and credit transfer policy and procedure

Purpose of the policy

Allara is committed to providing up to date and relevant RPL and credit transfer information to all participants at enrolment and whilst enrolled. 


Allara – Allara Investments Pty Ltd, trading as Allara learning and is inclusive of; Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO provider No: 91054 (TTG) and W G learning Pty Ltd, RTO Provider No: 91178 (WGL).

TTG - Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO provider No: 91054 (TTG)

WGL– W G learning Pty Ltd, RTO Provider No: 91178 (WGL)


Allara staff will provide support and guidance regarding all Credit Transfer (CT) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) enquiries in a timely manner. Allara recognises qualifications and a statement of attainment issued by any other RTO. Information relating to the credit transfer of previously obtained qualifications and statements of attainment, recognition of prior learning and this recognition policy is provided to all participants prior to enrolment.


The policy applies to all participants of Allara Learning (Allara) inclusive of participants undertaking training and assessment with Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO provider No: 91054 (TTG) and W G learning Pty Ltd, RTO Provider No: 91178 (WGL) undertaking an AQF qualification or non-accredited course.

Credit Transfer Procedure

Participants are to apply for credit transfer directly with the client relationship manager (CRM), training facilitator or other member of Allara staff. The following procedure will apply:

  • Applications received by Allara staff shall be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department for approval.
  • All AQF certification shall be verified by the USI transcript service and/or by contacting the issuing RTO.
  • Approved applications are to be recorded against the participant’s training plan in the Student Management System with an outcome of Credit Transfer.
  • A copy of the statement of attainment, relevant certificates and applications is stored in the participant’s hard copy file and on the Student Management System.
  • A file note is recorded on the participant’s record in the Student Management System, itemising the approval date and verification confirmation details.

RPL Procedure

On receipt of an RPL enquiry Allara staff will provide the potential RPL client or enrolled participant with the relevant RPL application pack. The following process will apply:

  • The General Manager of Education will ensure that the RPL application pack contains accurate advice concerning the RPL process, cost and RPL assessment pathway to issuance of statements of attainment or qualifications. 
  • On receipt of an RPL application, the Lead Facilitator will appoint a Trainer/Assessor to review the submission. 
  • If further evidence is required, the Trainer/Assessor shall provide feedback and a request for further information to the applicant. 
  • On receipt of a RPL assessment judgment the Trainer/Assessor will provide the administration department with the summary of outcome, the evidence guide and portfolio.
  • Administration shall record the results and outcome in the AVETMISS compliant Student Management System, and advise the participant.
  • All competent decisions shall be recorded with advice and statements of attainment or qualifications being issued as soon as practicable.


Published date: December 2023