Continuous improvement and internal audit policy and procedure

Purpose of the policy

To ensure the services as provided by Allara are compliant with the contracts and regulations governing its services as set out by the National Regulator, ASQA, and each state and territory body or department.


Allara - Allara Investments Pty Ltd, trading as Allara learning and is inclusive of; Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO provider No: 91054 (TTG) and W G learning Pty Ltd, RTO Provider No: 91178 (WGL).

TTG - Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO provider No: 91054 (TTG)

WGL - W G learning Pty Ltd, RTO Provider No: 91178 (WGL)


The policy applies to all Allara Learning’s (Allara) operations inclusive of Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO provider No: 91054 (TTG) and W G learning Pty Ltd, RTO Provider No: 91178 (WGL).


Allara is committed to meeting compliance and regulatory requirements as required by its scope of operations and the proactive continuous improvement of its: 

  • Training and Assessment Services; and
  • Client Outcomes; and 
  • RTO Management Systems.

Allara is committed to continuously improving all aspects of its operations with the aim of delivering the best possible services to achieve quality outcomes. 

Allara monitors and reviews its training and assessment services and operations systematically through the evaluation of delivery performance data, client feedback, trainer and assessor feedback, validation outcomes and information from the Complaints and Appeals Register.

Allara achieves this through internal audit procedures and the RTO Operations team that form the Continuous Improvement Committee.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement Schedule

Allara will maintain a continuous improvement schedule to systematically review all its services, and operations with the schedule to include:

  • Continuous improvement activities to be undertaken in the calendar year.
  • Persons involved in the continuous improvement activity.
  • Timeframes for completion of the continuous improvement activity.
Identification of improvement needs

To assist in the identification of continuous improvement needs, the continuous improvement schedule will incorporate the following continuous improvement activities:

  • Internal audits.
  • External consultant third party audits and reviews.
  • RTO Operations team meetings.
  • Industry consultation forums.
  • Training and assessment material validations. 

To identify improvements required within the policies, procedures and services provided, the RTO Operations team will review in accordance with the continuous improvement schedule:

  • Delivery and performance data.
  • Client feedback (General Services and Training Facilitator specific).
  • Industry feedback and consultation.
  • Trainer and assessor feedback.
  • Validation outcomes.
  • Information from complaints and appeals. 
  • Policy and procedural documents against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, 2015 and state and or territory contract regulations.

Internal audits

Informed personnel

In the implementation and conduct of internal audits within Allara, the CEO will ensure the General Manager, or any other staff carrying out an audit is conversant with and informed of:

  • The policy and procedures for conducting internal audits across Allara’s scale of operations; and
  • The policies and procedures relevant to the audit; and
  • The state or territory contracts and regulations relevant to the audit; and
  • The Standards for Registered Training Organisations, 2015.

Prior to conducting the internal audit, the General Manager will by way of email:

  • Notify personnel required to participate in the audit; and
  • Provide details of the audit including:
    • The audit purpose and scope.
    • Timeframe for audit completion.
    • Reporting requirements.
Audit conduct and standards

Allara conducts internal audits for individual states and territories, and in conducting the audit process the audit team will ensure the audit:

  • Is conducted against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, 2015; and
  • Is conducted against the state and territory contract regulations (as applicable); and
  • Will apply to all Allara’s services, training delivery and assessment within its scope of registration.
Audit outcomes and reporting

At the completion of the internal audit the General Manager is to:

  • Provide the CEO with a full report identifying non-compliance issues.
  • Table the report at the next management meeting for review of all non-compliance issues.
  • Create an itemised continuous improvement action plan to address non-compliances identifying:
    • The rectification / improvement required.
    • The timeframe for completion of the rectification process
    • Person/s responsible for carrying out the rectification.
Continuous improvement actions and recording

Improvement needs identified through the internal audit procedure and itemised in the continuous improvement action plan are provided to the relevant personnel for action.

At completion of the rectification process, the continuous improvement is recorded in the Continuous Improvement Register in Allara's project management system in one (1) of the three categories:

  • Continuous improvement – General
  • Continuous improvement – Training and assessment
  • Continuous improvement – Policy and procedure

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Published date: December 2023