Marketing, advertising and sales policy and procedure

Purpose of the policy

To ensure Allara develops marketing and advertising materials that provides accurate information relative to its training products and services offered.


Allara – Allara Investments Pty Ltd, trading as Allara learning and is inclusive of; Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO provider No: 91054 (TTG) and W G learning Pty Ltd, RTO Provider No: 91178 (WGL).

TTG - Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO provider No: 91054 (TTG)

WGL - W G learning Pty Ltd, RTO Provider No: 91178 (WGL)

Scope - means, Scope of registration and consists of; the list of training package qualifications, units of competency or state accredited courses which a training organisation is registered to provide the services offered: either training and assessment, or assessment only.

Training package - means the components of a training package endorsed by the Industry and Skills Council or its delegate in accordance with the Standards for Training Packages. The endorsed components of a training package are: units of competency; assessment requirements (for individual units of competency); qualifications; and credit arrangements. A training package also consists of a non-endorsed, quality assured companion volume/s which contains industry advice to RTOs on different aspects of implementation.

Training product - means, a course, AQF qualification, accredited course, skill set or unit of competency currently or previously endorsed by the Industry and Skills Council or its delegate in accordance with the Standards for Training Packages


The policy applies to all of Allara Learning’s (Allara) operations and services inclusive of the operations and services of Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO provider No: 91054 (TTG) and W G learning Pty Ltd, RTO Provider No: 91178 (WGL).


Allara Management and staff are committed to marketing and advertising its training and assessment services and ensuring information with regards to these services whether provided by Allara or on its behalf by another organisation or person:

  • accurately represents the services it provides and the training products on its scope, and
  • is ethical and responsible, and
  • ensures that all clients and potential learners are provided with timely and necessary information relating to a training product prior to enrolment.

In all cases Allara does not warrant or provide guarantee that:

  • a learner will successfully complete a training product on its scope of registration, or
  • a training product can be completed in a manner which does not meet the requirements of Clause 1.1 and 1.2 of the Standards for RTOs, 2015, or
  • a learner will obtain a particular employment outcome where this is outside the control of the RTO.

Marketing and advertising procedure

Promotional and marketing material

Promotional and marketing materials may include but is not limited to:

  • RTO website
  • RTO social media accounts
  • Course brochures and information flyers
  • Digital and print advertisements
  • Email signatures and banners
Development of materials

In preparation and development of promotional and marketing materials, the marketing team will ensure:

  • compliance with the Standards for RTOs, 2015, specifically clause 4.1, and 
  • the relevant state or territory subsidised training contracts including:
    • ACT Training Initiative Funding Agreement (User Choice)
    • NSW Smart and Skilled
    • Queensland VET Investment
    • Queensland User Choice

All developed promotional and marketing materials are provided to the National Marketing Manager for review and approval prior to use.

Quality assurance

Developed promotional and marketing materials are reviewed by the Quality Assurance Consultant as part of the RTOs systematic quality assurance processes. Review of materials is completed in accordance with the continuous improvement schedule.

Material recall

In the event of a promotional or marketing material item, either digital or print, being identified as non-compliant with the standards and/or state or territory regulations by which Allara is governed, the National Marketing Manager will:

  • Recall the material by way of email to all stakeholders. This email is to include:
    • document / material number as recorded in the material register, and
    • date of publication of the document / material, and
    • details of the identified non-compliance.
  • Record the non-compliance in the marketing register
  • Develop an action plan to rectify the non-compliance

Sales procedure (Clients)

Sales leads are generated and received through various marketing activities. These are recorded within the RTOs Client Relationship Management software (HubSpot) and an Allara Learning Sales representative is assigned the lead.

Training needs analysis

Prior to the provision of information to the client regarding Allara’s services, the Allara sales representative conducts a training needs analysis with the organisation to;

  • Determine the specific training needs of the organisation
  • Identify any additional areas of development not previously identified by the client
  • Identify potential training programs for implementation

Note: The training needs analysis may be completed by an external organisation, such as an AASN, with the required training tender information being provided in place of the training needs analysis.

Training Proposal

 Information is provided to potential clients of Allara through a documented training proposal developed specifically for the individual client and should include at a minimum:

  • Overview of Allara Learning, company history and tailored services offered
  • Allara’s approach to the training and assessment services including:
    • Analysis of the client and their training needs
    • Design of training programs
    • Development of resources and relevant materials
    • Training delivery arrangements
    • Evaluation and quality assurance processes
    • Account management arrangements
  • Proposed fee structures and invoicing arrangements
  • Case studies and testimonials relative to the target client
  • Referees from current and/or past clients
Client agreement

Upon the client’s acceptance of the training proposal provided by Allara, the Allara sales representative will:

  • execute a client services agreement, and
  • complete a resource checklist applicable to the training program/s to delivered, and
  • allocate a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) to mange the client account, and
  • make arrangements for client onboarding for the allocated Trainer and Assessor.

All documents are to be uploaded uploaded and recorded against the client profile in HubSpot.

Program commencement

Upon signing of the client service agreement, the CRM is to:

  • Request a current staff list from the client, and
  • Conduct student eligibility checks and confirm the outcomes of this with the client, and
  • Schedule a student enrolment, inlcuding AASN where relevant, and
  • provide pre-enrolment information to propsective students, and
  • Conduct the student enrolment and induction.


Published date: December 2023