Breaking barriers: Tearni’s thriving hospitality journey

Breaking barriers: Tearni’s thriving hospitality journey feature image
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Since completing the South Sydney Rabbitohs’ Strive For Success Program, Tearni Dargin has overcome her confidence barriers to pursue a career in hospitality.

At 19 years old and fresh out of high school, Tearni faced uncertainties about her next steps. Battling self-confidence issues, the prospect of entering the workforce felt overwhelmingly daunting.

“I found it very difficult looking for work. I was applying everywhere, but I didn’t have the experience or qualifications.” Tearni recalls.

A year of searching led Tearni to Max Employment, who introduced her to the South Sydney Rabbitohs' Strive For Success program, facilitated by Allara Learning. This program empowers local jobseekers like Tearni to acquire essential hospitality skills, earn a nationally recognised qualification, and secure employment in the hospitality industry.

Initially hesitant due to shyness, Tearni shares, “I wasn’t interested in looking for jobs initially, because I was so shy. Through the program, I realised there is nothing to be shy about.”

Allara Learning's expert trainers provide a blend of classroom-based education and hands-on training. With Souths Cares serving as dedicated mentors, participants receive invaluable support throughout the program, bridging the gap between learning and real-world application.

Practical experience in authentic work environments offers participants a taste of the industry. This immersion helps them grasp the inner workings of organisations, from facilities to processes.

Upon program completion, Tearni earned her nationally recognised SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality. The achievement was coupled with an offer for the position of food and beverage attendant at Cafe at The Gallery, an establishment under the esteemed Solotel hospitality group.

"Tearni displayed a remarkable eagerness to learn and tackle new challenges throughout the program. From her very first day of work experience, she embraced the hospitality role, offering her assistance wherever needed. Cafe At The Gallery quickly recognized her potential and extended a job offer... witnessing her journey is truly inspirational," commends Lyndelle Fleming, Training Facilitator at Allara Learning.

Tearni acknowledges that the program not only equipped her for the workforce and job acquisition but also enabled her to forge connections, nurture relationships, and cultivate self-assurance.

Since commencing her role in May, Tearni's newfound confidence has shattered barriers. With a promising path ahead, she envisions a future in hospitality, even aspiring to assume management responsibilities in upscale dining establishments.

South Cares Mentor Chantelle Young notes, "Despite her initial shyness, Tearni exhibited initiative from the moment she joined... The course significantly boosted her confidence, paving the way not only for employment but also for her success in future endeavours."

From someone who once found the bustling environment of a café overwhelming, Tearni's story has evolved into one of aspiration and self-assured determination. Her advice to aspiring hospitality professionals is steadfast: "This program opened doors for me, and I'm confident it can do the same for others."

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