Andrew Scammell

Andrew Scammell

Training Facilitator - Hospitality and Business

Andrew Scammell is an accomplished training manager with extensive experience in selecting trainers, curriculum, and course plans to achieve demanding training objectives. With a background of over twenty years in service, support, hospitality, assessment, and people management roles, Andrew brings a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise to his training approach.

One of Andrew's notable achievements is the creation of a new Responsible Service of Alcohol course that has been accredited by the ACT Government and has received full support from members of the Australian Federal Police. Recognising the need for a more comprehensive program, Andrew developed content that goes into greater depth about the effects of alcohol on the body and the importance of responsible alcohol service. This initiative showcases Andrew's proactive approach in addressing gaps in training programs and his commitment to delivering high-quality, relevant training.

Andrew has also held the role of Regional Trainer for The Salvation Army Employment Plus, where he was responsible for scheduling and delivering a wide range of training programs, both accredited and non-accredited, across multiple employment centres. This included programs aimed at upskilling clients for full-time roles, and Andrew found great fulfillment in watching participants succeed and re-enter the workforce.

Currently, Andrew is actively involved in teaching various courses, including Certificate III and IV in Hospitality, Certificate III and IV in Business, and Certificate IV in Leadership and Management. His passion for delivering quality learning solutions, leading and coaching teams, and his strong blend of practical and theoretical knowledge make him an effective and sought-after educator.

What sets Andrew apart is his unique training style that focuses on ongoing support and quality assurance of trainers. As part of his role for RRT (Rapid Relief Team), he ensures that trainers are not only fully accredited but also continuously improving their skills and staying engaged with the courses they deliver. Andrew's approach involves allowing trainers to experience the course from the student's viewpoint and providing ongoing support and quality assurance throughout the accreditation process. He believes that a passionate and engaged trainer is the key to delivering impactful training.

With his expertise in training management, curriculum development, and commitment to ongoing improvement, Andrew Scammell is known for his ability to deliver high-quality, engaging, and effective training programs that produce competent and motivated learners.