Elizabeth Blyth

Elizabeth Blyth

Training Facilitator - Hospitality

Elizabeth Blyth has had a diverse and illustrious career in the hospitality industry, starting at the age of 18 in a local pub while studying hospitality. She then ventured to Alice Springs, Northern Territory, where she worked in hotels under the IHG brand for 2 years. Elizabeth's passion for fine dining, wineries, and luxury accommodations led her to New Zealand, where she gained invaluable experience working in these sectors. She then returned to Newcastle, Australia, where she successfully ran a renowned dining and catering company with two designated venues, including a café, restaurant, and offsite catering services. Elizabeth's career took a new direction when she opened a new Country Club in Port Stephens and, after four years, transitioned into training to share her love for the industry with the next generation of hospitality leaders.

Throughout her career, Elizabeth has had several highlights, including opening a 40-seat fine dining restaurant at The Rees in New Zealand, working alongside industry experts such as Mark Rose, a renowned GM, and Ben Batterbury, an award-winning chef. Her time in New Zealand further broadened her experience and deepened her love for all things related to food, wine, and dining.

Currently, Elizabeth is passionately involved in teaching Certificate III Hospitality and Certificate IV Leadership & Management. Her decision to start teaching was driven by her love for developing others in the workplace and a desire to move away from the demanding hours of the hospitality industry. She finds great joy and fulfillment in seeing her students grasp new skills and concepts and being a part of their growth and development.

What sets Elizabeth's teaching style apart is her real-world experience in F&B and customer service. She brings her extensive industry knowledge to the classroom and makes a conscious effort to discuss how theory applies to real-world scenarios. Elizabeth's engaging approach to teaching goes beyond paperwork, as she strives to create an interactive and practical learning experience for her students, instilling in them a deep understanding and appreciation for the industry.