Gretta Anderson

Training Facilitator - Hospitality

Gretta Anderson has been immersed in the hospitality industry for many years, with a deep-rooted passion for delivering exceptional service. Her journey in the industry started on and off, but it was during her time in Vancouver that she truly fell in love with the industry and its high standards of service. Gretta started her career as a hostess and progressed through various roles, including waitress, cocktail waitress, bar attendant, supervisor, manager, and ultimately a training manager. Even today, Gretta continues to work in the hospitality industry, driven by her unwavering passion for the field.

One of the highlights of Gretta's career has been the opportunity to travel the world and work with immensely talented professionals in the industry. She has also had the pleasure of meeting celebrities during her time in Vancouver, which has added to her diverse experiences and industry knowledge.

Currently, Gretta is actively involved in teaching Certificate III Hospitality, where she can share her extensive expertise and passion for the industry with aspiring hospitality professionals. Her motivation for training stems from her love for sharing knowledge and helping others learn.

What makes Gretta's teaching style unique is her genuine love for what she does. She brings a special energy to her training sessions by truly enjoying the process of training and helping others. Her passion for the industry shines through in her teaching, creating an engaging and dynamic learning experience for her students. Gretta's approachable demeanour and enthusiasm for hospitality make her an exceptional trainer who inspires and empowers her students to excel in the industry.