Rosie Wilson

Rosie Wilson

Head of Training

With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Rosie Wilson has experience working in restaurants, bars, pubs, and luxury hotels. She's had the privilege of working with esteemed industry names such as Merivale and Starwood/Marriott and has been a part of three venue openings, where she contributed to project management operations from the ground up.

Rosie has spent over eight years in management roles, helping develop teams and individuals to create their career pathways while delivering world-class guest experiences. Her strong background in wine knowledge has also led her to run several wine programs throughout her career, fostering her passion for learning.

One of Rosie's most cherished memories is creating and delivering a training program for asylum seekers and refugees, who were hired for the opening of Colombo Social, a social enterprise and Sri Lankan restaurant in Enmore. She learnt invaluable lessons from the people she trained and was inspired by their stories. Another highlight of her career was facilitating alongside the esteemed Shelly McElroy during the Bronze program at Merivale, which inspired and motivated her to become a facilitator herself and continue her journey as a lifelong learner in leadership, management, and interpersonal skills.

Currently, Rosie Wilson is a dedicated trainer at Allara Learning. She has been with the company since January 2021. She teaches a range of courses, including the Diploma of Leadership and Management, Cert IV Leadership and Management, Cert IV Business, Cert III Business, Cert IV Hospitality, Cert III Hospitality, and RSA (NSW).

Rosie's journey into training started in 2018 when she participated in the Cert IV Business - Bronze Program at Merivale. She fell in love with the structured and customized training approach and had an amazing experience with the facilitator. Throughout her career in hospitality, she had also been the designated training manager in most of her senior roles, which she thoroughly enjoyed. After the impact of COVID, Rosie was referred to Allara Learning by the very same facilitator at Merivale who believed she would be a great fit for vocational training, and she has since made significant contributions to the Training team.

What sets Rosie's teaching style apart is her focus on tailored, relevant, transferrable, and tactical learning for her students. She takes the time to understand the business and cohort she is working with, including their processes, procedures, core values, and areas of improvement.

Rosie's approach to training is relatable and approachable, delivering tools and concepts that her students can use in their own careers. She also infuses fun and interaction into her training sessions, making the learning experience engaging and enjoyable for her students.