Shivani Gopal

Executive Leadership Facilitator

Shivani Gopal is a notable expert in leadership and inclusion, boasting a prolific career spanning various business and leadership facets. As the founder and CEO of Elladex, Australia's inaugural digital mentor marketplace and daily learning platform, Shivani has empowered thousands of professionals by elevating their careers through her transformative training programs. As an accomplished entrepreneur, Shivani has secured over seven figures in venture capital and has strategically collaborated with ASX 200 companies to unlock the full potential of their workforce. 

Her ability to develop groundbreaking leadership programs that catalyse both personal and professional success has garnered the attention of top-tier organisations, seeking her expertise to drive transformative growth. With an impressive network of over 30,000 professionals and collaborations with notable ambassadors, Shivani Gopal is a sought-after expert in the field, known for her ability to create lasting and meaningful change.

Shivani's list of accomplishments is wide and varied:

  • Holds an MBA, Mcomm (Financial Planning)
  • Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Elladex 
  • Senior Strategy Consultant 
  • Australian Official Startup 20 and Women’s 20 Delegate (G20) 
  • Podcast Host