Taylor Brunton

Taylor Brunton

Training Facilitator - Hospitality

Taylor is a seasoned hospitality professional with a passion for creating memorable experiences and empowering others. With a diverse background in the industry, Taylor's journey began at Subway, where she honed her skills in food preparation and customer service over five years. This early experience laid the foundation for her future in hospitality.

Taylor's path then led her to the vibrant world of nightclubs, where she worked in various roles such as front door management, bottle service, promotional work, and even occasional bartending.

Cafes became the next stop on Taylor's hospitality adventure, where her dedication to ensuring guest satisfaction shone through in every cup of coffee served and every plate of food delivered.

What fuels Taylor's passion for hospitality is the opportunity to create lasting memories for guests, ensuring their comfort, and receiving heartwarming feedback and gratitude for exceptional service. Building genuine relationships with patrons and making their experiences enjoyable became a fulfilling mission for Taylor, leading her to discover a newfound passion for teaching and training.

Currently, Taylor serves as a dedicated hospitality trainer, specialising in subjects such as customer service, teamwork, and effective collaboration. Her teaching journey began at a JobActive provider before joining Allara Learning team, where she had the opportunity to transform job seekers into skilled hospitality professionals.

A significant milestone in Taylor's career was taking over the Dream Believe Achieve program at Allara Learning. Over almost five years, she has poured her heart and soul into the program, helping students discover their inner "sparkle" and become the best versions of themselves. Taylor's unwavering commitment to being of service to others, guiding them towards reaching their full potential, has made her an indispensable asset to the world of hospitality training.

One of Taylor's greatest joys is witnessing her students thrive and excel in the hospitality industry, carrying forward the same passion for creating memorable experiences that has driven Taylor throughout her remarkable career.