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Lead a Team

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Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? 

Our "Lead a Team" skill set (short course) is designed to equip you with the essential tools and techniques to effectively lead and inspire your team and will transform your approach to leadership and management. 

Dive into leadership theories and styles, gain insights into how to adapt your approach to various situations and nurture a positive organisational culture. through this course you will discover strategies that will drive performance and aid your team in achieving set objectives and exceed their KPIs.

The course includes three units of competency that form part of the BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management qualification.

Transform your leadership capabilities and make a lasting impact on your team. Enrol in "Lead a Team" today and take the first step towards becoming an exceptional leader.

Who is this course for?

This course is tailored to professionals aiming to advance their careers, managers seeking to refine their leadership skills, and individuals interested in obtaining national recognition for their existing leadership and management competencies.

Course plan

Develop the skills and knowledge required to lead teams and individuals by modelling high standards of conduct to reflect the organisation’s standards and values.

Units of competency addressed:

This unit focuses on the skills and knowledge required to use leadership to promote team cohesion. It includes motivating, mentoring, coaching and developing the team and forming the bridge between the management of the organisation and team members.

Units of competency addressed:

Gain the skills and knowledge required to effectively lead and facilitate a team in a workplace within any industry.

Units of competency addressed:

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of ‘Lead a team’, participants will be able to:

  • Develop and communicate a clear vision and mission
  • Foster a positive work environment
  • Lead by example and build trust within your team
  • Enhance your interpersonal and communication skills
  • Manage and resolve conflicts with confidence
  • Build strong, collaborative relationships that drive team success
  • Implement strategies for effective teamwork and collaboration
  • Delegate tasks efficiently and monitor team performance
  • Utilise problem-solving techniques to overcome challenges

National recognition

Upon successful completion of the training and assessment, you will receive a statement of attainment. This statement of attainment holds national recognition and is valued by industry and educational institutions, both in Australia and globally.

Meet our team

Rosie Wilson
Rosie Wilson
Head of Training


Comron Mubarakai
Comron Mubarakai
State Operations Manager - QLD


Brenton Miller
Brenton Miller
Training Facilitator - Leadership and Hospitality

What our clients are saying

“These leadership courses are absolutely invaluable. The training that Allara Learning has provided has been absolutely fantastic.”
John Jansen
Group Functions Manager | DOOLEYS
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“The whole course has been a really enjoyable, informative and educational experience...The course gave me more confidence in my leadership ability.”
Belinda Pieters
Store Manager | Flower Power
W. Short Hospitality logo
“Almost every employee we have trained through this course has in some way progressed further within their hospitality career in our group”
Shaun Chapman
Group People & Culture Manager | W. Short Hospitality

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is a 100% online course. This means you will complete the development of knowledge and skills through E-Learning. 

You will be required to participate to complete a range of E-Learning modules and assessment tasks including:

  • Micro interactive learning modules
  • Case studies
  • Simulated group activities
  • Workplace-oriented projects

The course includes the integration of realistic work activities and projects. As such, you will need to have access to a real or simulated workplace to complete workplace-oriented projects. 

Through Allara Learning’s Student Portal you will be able to:

  • Participate in live webinars
  • Access your learning materials and assessments
  • Undertake and complete assessments
  • Contact your trainers and assessors
  • Network with your peers through online student forums
  • Receive feedback on your assessment outcomes
  • Access a wide range of support materials and resources 

This course is delivered online. It is typically completed within 8 weeks; however, it can be completed in a shorter timeframe. 

The course must be completed within the maximum enrolment period of 20 weeks.

Education entry requirements
There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.

English language requirements
In order to successfully enrol in this course, you must have a level of proficiency in written English, allowing you to engage in the course materials and content, and ensuring you can undertake the variety of assessments.

Physical requirements
No physical requirements apply to this course.

This course is offered on a fee-for-service basis. Government subsidised training does not apply to this course. 

You may complete payment of your course fees via a payment plan if required.

Workplace-oriented projects are a fundamental assessment approach for this course. As such, having access to a workplace environment, either through paid employment or work-experience will benefit your personal development. 

If you do not have access to a real workplace environment, the course may be completed using our simulated workplace. 

Discuss with your trainer and assessor which approach best suits your personal situation.

As this is a short course (skill set), this course is not suitable for a traineeship pathway. 

To access learning and assessment materials and complete the course work, you will need to have access to a computer or tablet with internet access.

Your computer will need to have an appropriate suite of office software such as Microsoft office, G Suite or equivalent installed.

Some assessment tasks and projects may require access to a printer and scanner.

Yes, this course is nationally recognised.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a nationally recognised statement of attainement for three units of competency:

  • BSBLDR411 Demonstrate leadership in the workplace 
  • BSBLDR413 Lead effective workplace relationships 
  • BSBXTW401 Lead and facilitate a team

Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd, RTO ID 91054 is responsible for the quality of the training and assessment in compliance with the Standards for RTOs, 2015 and for the issuance of the AQF certification documentation.

Whilst undertaking training with Allara Learning, you will be provided access to a range of support services including:

  • Academic and learning support
  • Language, literacy and numeracy support
  • External support and counselling services
  • Peer networks

For more information please see the Participant Handbook.

We recommend that you read the Participant Handbook prior to enrolling with us.

This course is a cross sector course, meaning it aids in developing skills and knowledge to become a quality workplace leader in a variety of industry settings and job roles.

Completing this course can enhance your career growth potential. 67% of students that successfully complete this course have received a promotion within the first 12 months post completion.

Yes, skills and qualifications you already have may count towards your qualification.

Contact our client relations team to enquire and/or apply for RPL.